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Sunday, June 09, 2013

An Author in "Training" - Traveling Light

Last night at a graduation party, I saw a friend whom I hadn't seen for close to 10 years. She was very excited for me and had we talked for several minutes, when the topic changed to "Luggage," and I mentioned that I would be living for close to two weeks, out of two carry-ons. Shawn then told me about an article she had read, on a woman who attempted the challenge of living for a month on seven articles of clothing. Seven!

  • pair of jeans
  • pair of shorts
  • long sleeve shirt
  • short sleeve shirt
  • dress
  • sweater
  • jacket

That got me wondering about how light I could travel while I'm "in training," and I came home, took a look at the clothes I had laid out as potentially packable, and started "thinning the herd." I knew all along this day would come. After all, I have no checked luggage. As of last night, when it comes to outer wear (as opposed to underwear) I have no more than three pieces of any one item (ie., 3 tank tops. Today, I plan to see how it all fits.

That whole thing got me thinking about emotionally "traveling light." How often do I carry excess baggage?—Things that are uncomfortable? Things that don't fit anymore? Things that make me look old and tired? That's something I need to think about. Maybe it's time to jettison some of my emotional baggage.

How about you?

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DeShawn Wert said...

WOW! Now I feel like I've made it by being mentioned in ans author's blog! Hope you enjoy your trip.