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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What Anna Saw!

I said something to Anna about what I'd done, forgetting my medicine, and the psychological processes I thought I saw operating behind my mistake. She immediately saw a spiritual illustration in the situation. Here's my paraphrase:

Sometimes, things are going really well for a person—they're making good choices and living the way God wants them to—and it's easy for them to do what's right. Then they start to think it's all them. That they're the power behind their successful Christian walk. After a while, not on purpose, they forget to rely on God working through them to live a Christ-like life.... And things start falling apart.... And they find themselves asking, "What happened?"

Yep, my little girl's growing up! And she's turning into a wise, insightful young woman!

It reminds me once again of 3 John 1:4 -

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth."

Monday, October 23, 2006

Forgetting the Source

Yesterday, I forgot. I've been feeling so much better lately—reduced symptoms, increased energy—that I somehow forgot! In spite of all the praise and credit I'm always giving to Mirapex (my Parkinson's med) I managed to subconsciously forget that it's the Mirapex that makes me feel better. I totally blew off, unintentionally mind you, my 2PM dose.

By 5:30 I was saying, "I'm so tense and shaky! What's wrong with me?" Then I remembered!

Anna, a budding parabolical thinker (see this blog, 9 Sept., 2005), immediately saw a spiritual connection! Can you spot the parable of the Mirapex? If you think you know, leave a comment. Later, I'll explain what she saw.

(to be continued....)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Who lost the key?

"Every time you date someone with an issue that you have to work to ignore, you're settling." — Author Unknown

I put this quote on "he said...she said...", my daily quote blog. It reminded me of one of my "pet rants" that I have talked about before (ad nauseum)—but not here. Soooooo....

What gets me is how everyone is sure that having their "someone" will make them happy. So they run around dating, hooking up, breaking up, searching for happiness. The reality, though is that 50% of marriages end in divorce. That means that only half of the people who found their "soulmate" were happy enough to stay married. Then, on top of that, you add in the percentage of intact marriages that are miserable. (Some researchers say as many as 65%!) That means that as few as 20 people out of 100 who found "Him"/"Her" end up happily married to him/her! In other words, we shouldn't expect guaranteed happiness from any relationship—except the one with Jesus Christ!

And still, so many people, convinced that for them it will be "different," run around frantically looking for The One, when He already arrived 2000 years ago!

"Almighty God, You have made us for Yourself, and our hearts are restless till they find their rest in You." — St. Augustine

OK—done now. "This has been Ranting Moments with Marcia. We now return you to your regularly scheduled lives, already in progress."