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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What Anna Saw!

I said something to Anna about what I'd done, forgetting my medicine, and the psychological processes I thought I saw operating behind my mistake. She immediately saw a spiritual illustration in the situation. Here's my paraphrase:

Sometimes, things are going really well for a person—they're making good choices and living the way God wants them to—and it's easy for them to do what's right. Then they start to think it's all them. That they're the power behind their successful Christian walk. After a while, not on purpose, they forget to rely on God working through them to live a Christ-like life.... And things start falling apart.... And they find themselves asking, "What happened?"

Yep, my little girl's growing up! And she's turning into a wise, insightful young woman!

It reminds me once again of 3 John 1:4 -

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth."


Keetha said...

Wow - - - - Anna, you go!!!

Anon said...

Anna's a great kid!

Dave & Lynnette Mason said...

That's really cool!I often think about and pray for the bodyshoppers...it was nice reading today about Anna's reflection!:)

Keetha said...

Anna preached another little mini sermon in Anatomy class today - - - - - ask her about it

Jenn said...

She is wise beyond her year! Must be her amazing parents have raised her well.