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Thursday, January 18, 2007


It's getting to be too much to keep several pages going right now. If you're just here to see whatever, I'll see ya when I get back.

If you're here for news about my mom, please 1) go to www.carepages.com, 2) register, and 3) ask to see RuthReport.

Thanks for your understanding!


Monday, January 15, 2007

Mom's better!

Mom is doing better. She had a relatively good night, and now is having a relatively good day. She still tires easily, and they're treating her for high blood pressure and elevated heart rate, which they believe are injury-related. She is breathing easier than a couple days ago, though. Please continue to pray for NO PNEUMONIA!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Morning Update

They found fluid on her lung last night. Nothing new so far this morning. Mom rested fairly well, once they got her with more oxygen in ICU. Once again, the doctor was amazed at her quick improvement. (We're not amazed--we know the power of prayer!) They will be using a needle sometime this morning to try to draw the fluid off her lung. PRAY AGAINST PNEUMONIA!!!

Thank you for your prayers!


They've just taken Mom back to ICU with breathing trouble!! Pray!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Now what?

People who know about my diagnosis (young-onset Parkinson's) have been asking how I am. I'm doing pretty well. I've started keeping a small cordless alarm clock with me so I'll remember to take my meds. Most of the time, I do pretty well--it's easier now that Mom is better. Sunday was the most "out of whack" day I'd had in a long time. I think that was the day my adrenalin ran out. I try to eat right and keep up with my rest. Mom's together enough now that she checks up on me! Otherwise I seem to get a little spacey--not good when you're the Patient Advocate!

Well, the cheese is standing alone. OK, not really alone--God is with me! (And so are all of you!) But...everyone else has headed out. It's just Mom and me. (deep breath...dive in)Emotionally, I think I'm still numb a lot of the time. At least in that one area. Most of the time, it all seems very surreal. Kind of like I'm trapped inside a very sad story I was writing, and can't get out. Please pray that I will be strong for Mom when I need to, and also that I will find times and places to "let go", so I can feel and deal with my dad's death.

It's looking now like the possibilities are good that Mom will be sent to Cadillac for rehab (half an hour from her house)! If so, that will help provide a much-needed support system for her (and me)!

God is good...all the time!

Keep praying! We love you all....

Marcia for the Whittum Clan

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Cheese Stands Alone

Mom had a good day yesterday. She sat up in a chair for a while. She also started a "full liquid" diet (pudding, juice, soup, etc.) and was evaluated by Physical Therapy. She's had one busy, tiring day! We were able to talk with her, too, about practical things like insurance and bills, and how we want her to concentrate on healing while we handle those things.

The changing of the guard continues my sisters and their families are gradually leaving. The last one will be gone in a day or two. After that, "the cheese stands alone" (that would be me). We have no real indication yet how long a road we're traveling. Mom's already showing a willingness to work hard at therapy, but she has soooo much ground to regain! Well, I guess now is the time to repay all the years of love and care she gave me!

So far, she's having a good day today. They're talking about taking out her feeding IV, changing her pain meds to pills, starting therapy, and moving her to another room!

She is causing amazement in the doctors who, based on how she looked on arrival, never expected her to look this good, this fast! I keep mentioning all the prayers that have been going up for her. So far, no doctor has felt the need to argue about the power of prayer!

Please continue to pray for her emotions, as well. I think today we may try to watch the video of the funeral. That could be helpful or painful (probably both).

Your prayers are making a difference...Keep up the good work!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Back "Home"

I'm back at the hospital--got here last night. And let me tell you, it's sooooooo good to hear my mom's voice. We'll be having a "changing of the guard" in the next couple days, as my siblings begin to head home and I take over the role of staying with Mom to help her and report back to the others.

Mom continues to progress! They took her nasal feeding tube out yesterday and started giving her water and ice chips. Today they're talking about advancing her diet and getting her up in a chair!

At her church yesterday, the pastor preached from Revelation on the topic of heaven. What a blessing! Please continue to pray for the seeds of the Gospel that have been planted, that they will bring a harvest. We are aware of at least one person who expressed that if this is what believers have, maybe he should check into it!

Pray too, that along with the physical healing, the emotional healing will continue--including that she won't worry about responsibilities she's not physically ready to resume yet.

Thanks again, everyone for all your prayers! We have really seen and felt how they have moved the hand of God, as He has held us up this past week. Keep up the good work!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

How's Mom?

Thanks everybody for your prayers! We had the service for my Dad yesterday. As part of the service, we had the pastor present the plan of salvation--Dad would have wanted it that way. He was a quiet guy, but with a lot of influence. I think the church holds about 200 and it was packed! With overflow chairs in the foyer! And notes and emails from people saying they wished they could be there! The funeral director knew him and summed it up when he said, "He was a quiet guy, but you always knew where he stood." Mom wasn't able to go, but understood that the grandkids especially needed closure.

She is doing better, baby step by baby step. They successfully weaned her off the ventilator yesterday, so she's breathing on her own! Please continue to pray for her though--she has a long road ahead of her physically and emotionally. I was with her one morning when she woke up. You know how you can forget something important while you're asleep and remember it an instant after you wake? Well, I was looking at Mom's face that moment and saw the instant she remembered about Dad. It broke my heart.

I'd better close for now...I want to get to church this morning. No better place to be when you're hurting than in the arms of God's family! I love you all! Thanks for praying--keep up the good work!

Friday, January 05, 2007


New prayer request....

They're talking about weaning Mom off her ventilator today. There is concern, though, that with NINE fractured ribs, she'll have too much pain to properly inflate her left lung. (That would mean more medical intervention.) Please pray that the weaning process goes well and that she's able to breathe properly on her own.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Doreen was able to tell Mom about Dad early this morning. She was awake and alert and wanting to communicate. When Doreen told her, her response was to mouth "Corwin's in heaven." (She still can't talk because of the ventilator tube.)

She had surgery this morning to repair her fractured elbow, and came through with flying colors. Doreen spent the day with her while Julia and I went to Tustin to make the arrangements for Dad. (We had to pass the corner where it happened--tough!)

We brought back their CD player and some CDs of hymns, which are playing in her room now. Anyone who knows Mom will realize how much that is helping her!

Mom is totally off the sedatives now...still a lot of pain meds though. We believe that the elbow repair is the last surgery. Now the focus can, we hope, begin to be on healing.

Thanks for your prayers...keep up the good work!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Family Info

Viewing and funeral info for Dad:

Viewing Friday, 6 - 8pm, Dighton Wesleyan Church

Viewing Saturday, 11am - 1pm, Dighton Wesleyan Church

Funeral Saturday, 1pm, Dighton Wesleyan Church


Please pray.... Unless we're told NOT to by the doctor, we're planning on breaking the news to Mom tomorrow morning. Now that Doreen's here, we think she suspects something anyway.

Thanks, Marcia

Tuesday, January 02, 2007



My parents were in a car wreck today. My dad didn't make it. My mom's being lifelined to a major hospital.


thank you