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Monday, November 14, 2005

Gentleman in training

"Post something twice a week..." -- Am I embarrassed!

I want to share something that happened the other day, just because it made me smile.

Two friends and I were walking into a fast food restaurant this past weekend. Just ahead of us were a little guy, maybe seven or eight, and his dad. The father opened the door and as his son walked in, Dad bent down and whispered something in his little boy's ear. The son nodded and walked into the store, while Dad held the door for the three of us. I assumed he had told his son to go on ahead while he held the door for the ladies. I was ALMOST right...

It soon became evident that what Dad had said was something like, "I'll hold THIS door for the ladies while you go open the other one for them." The little gentleman walked to the inner door of the restaurant, opened it, and stepped back out of the way as we entered. We all thanked him as we walked past--how could we not appreciate such a gentleman?

As I passed the dad later at the counter, I whispered, "Good job on the door-holding training!"

So here's to all the moms and dads out there who are working so hard to teach their little ladies and gentlemen about the common courtesies! I'm proud of all of you! You're helping to reinforce the fabric of civilization. Keep up the good work!