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Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Double" Post

A week ago, I met "Mike". Nice guy. However.... "Mike" leads a double life! When I first met him, it was in his "normal life" role—an employee of a Christian organization. We were at a conference together, and had a couple conversations over the two days. He never led me to believe that he had secrets.

That Saturday night, at a party, I discovered that on the weekends.... "Mike".... is a.... ROCKER *shocked gasp*! He was playing guitar with the band at the party!

Oh, wait! I was at the party! Guess that means that I have a double life, too. *sheepish eye-roll*

I think most people keep secrets. Some have deep, dark secrets like a hidden attraction to a married coworker. Other people have sily, embarrassing little secrets. Maybe they eat the filling from Oreos and throw the cookie away. I'm not convinced all facets of a double life are wrong. Sure, some, like an affair, need to see the light of day. But others, like a wedding night, or the birth of a child, or a parent's dying words are too special, too precious, too sacred to share indiscriminately with the world. Sometimes, complete honesty is the epitome of bravery. Other times, it's just shameless indiscretion. We need to discern when it's more prudent to tell, and when it's better to keep silent.

As a counterpoint, we need to use discretion when we happen across information about someone else's "double life." We need to be accepting of other, "outside the box" choices, provided they don't violate biblical guidelines. Not only that, we should be asking for God's guidance to tell or not to tell what we know, and we need to exercise restraint. If we decide that it's needful or acceptable to tell, we have to do it in a way that nurtures the truth, instead of leaving truth suffocated by deception and innuendo.

Speaking of nurturing the truth, that reminds me! About "Mike".... (see the first comment for this post)