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Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

Direct from the Home Office...I have in my hand my New Year's resolutions! (Finally!)

I'm trying something different this year. Since I'm more of a "variety person" than a "routine person", I tend to quickly tire of the traditional List of Things to Change. So instead, I'm planning to work on categories. Rather than the same old thing every day, I'll invest a certain amount of time to each of several different categories. That way, I can do different things on different days and still be making significant progress in some very important areas.

And the nominees are....

1. Toward organization - 15 minutes a day (organize a drawer, de-clutter a countertop, etc.)
2. Toward better health - 30 minutes a day (exercise, go for a walk, floss, etc.)
3. Toward spiritual growth - 30 minutes a day (Bible, prayer, reading "deep stuff", etc.)
4. Toward publication - 60 minutes a day (write, research, submit to publishers, etc.)

Good luck to all the nominees!