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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hey! I have breath!!

"Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord!"

I'm giving thanks to God, because 8 months ago TODAY, I not only
survived open-heart surgery, my heart was repaired so it works
correctly for the first time in...maybe forever (nobody's sure)!
Anyone who knows the Doxology, please sing it today on my behalf
(as well as your own).

Friday, November 13, 2009

For Those Who Must Say Goodbye

No heart can ever tell the cost of each farewell—
One circle fades, another to be born.
Though sadness dims our eyes, what joy will then arise,
When we meet on that Resurrection Morn.
Our earthly trials and fears, our days of lonely tears
Will vanish in that Home beyond the stars.
And then, as one, how sweet to worship at the feet
Of Christ, who bears our healing in His scars.
We’ll ever sing His praise, who guided all our ways,
And anxious hearts will rest, no more to roam.
So let us watch and pray, as we live ev’ry day,
And each one serve Him ‘til He calls us Home.

© 2009, Marcia Woodard

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Write Because I Must

Words call me. They lure me back—to the computer keyboard, the book, the legal pad, the Scrabble board, the crossword puzzle.

They disturb my sleep, keeping me up 'til dawn, waking me before first light. They buzz around my head like mosquitoes on a summer night: humming and whining, until I finally swat them and leave their carcasses on paper. Then at last, I can get some rest, until the next crop hatches and begins their annoying, seductive song—keening in my ears as they dance around my head.

Why do I write? I write for my own peace of mind, for my own sanity. I write because I must.