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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Cheese Stands Alone

Mom had a good day yesterday. She sat up in a chair for a while. She also started a "full liquid" diet (pudding, juice, soup, etc.) and was evaluated by Physical Therapy. She's had one busy, tiring day! We were able to talk with her, too, about practical things like insurance and bills, and how we want her to concentrate on healing while we handle those things.

The changing of the guard continues my sisters and their families are gradually leaving. The last one will be gone in a day or two. After that, "the cheese stands alone" (that would be me). We have no real indication yet how long a road we're traveling. Mom's already showing a willingness to work hard at therapy, but she has soooo much ground to regain! Well, I guess now is the time to repay all the years of love and care she gave me!

So far, she's having a good day today. They're talking about taking out her feeding IV, changing her pain meds to pills, starting therapy, and moving her to another room!

She is causing amazement in the doctors who, based on how she looked on arrival, never expected her to look this good, this fast! I keep mentioning all the prayers that have been going up for her. So far, no doctor has felt the need to argue about the power of prayer!

Please continue to pray for her emotions, as well. I think today we may try to watch the video of the funeral. That could be helpful or painful (probably both).

Your prayers are making a difference...Keep up the good work!


Keetha said...

The "teacher" in me is worrying about Anna missing so much - - - - will she be coming back any time soon?

Micah collected her new syllabus for Anatomy for her today - - - - -

Kim and Mike said...

Hi! Please tell Cindy I said "hi." I'll keep you all in my prayers.
Kim (Newell) Bowers

Anon said...


I've been praying for you and your family. Glad to hear the updates. God is with us.

Anonymous said...

Marcia, I'm praying for your family & strength for you specifically.
God bless,

Vickie Conrad said...

Marica, I have been thinking about you and your family and remembering you in my prayers. I enjoyed reading the blog....I will keep praying!