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Sunday, January 07, 2007

How's Mom?

Thanks everybody for your prayers! We had the service for my Dad yesterday. As part of the service, we had the pastor present the plan of salvation--Dad would have wanted it that way. He was a quiet guy, but with a lot of influence. I think the church holds about 200 and it was packed! With overflow chairs in the foyer! And notes and emails from people saying they wished they could be there! The funeral director knew him and summed it up when he said, "He was a quiet guy, but you always knew where he stood." Mom wasn't able to go, but understood that the grandkids especially needed closure.

She is doing better, baby step by baby step. They successfully weaned her off the ventilator yesterday, so she's breathing on her own! Please continue to pray for her though--she has a long road ahead of her physically and emotionally. I was with her one morning when she woke up. You know how you can forget something important while you're asleep and remember it an instant after you wake? Well, I was looking at Mom's face that moment and saw the instant she remembered about Dad. It broke my heart.

I'd better close for now...I want to get to church this morning. No better place to be when you're hurting than in the arms of God's family! I love you all! Thanks for praying--keep up the good work!

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