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Monday, January 08, 2007

Back "Home"

I'm back at the hospital--got here last night. And let me tell you, it's sooooooo good to hear my mom's voice. We'll be having a "changing of the guard" in the next couple days, as my siblings begin to head home and I take over the role of staying with Mom to help her and report back to the others.

Mom continues to progress! They took her nasal feeding tube out yesterday and started giving her water and ice chips. Today they're talking about advancing her diet and getting her up in a chair!

At her church yesterday, the pastor preached from Revelation on the topic of heaven. What a blessing! Please continue to pray for the seeds of the Gospel that have been planted, that they will bring a harvest. We are aware of at least one person who expressed that if this is what believers have, maybe he should check into it!

Pray too, that along with the physical healing, the emotional healing will continue--including that she won't worry about responsibilities she's not physically ready to resume yet.

Thanks again, everyone for all your prayers! We have really seen and felt how they have moved the hand of God, as He has held us up this past week. Keep up the good work!

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