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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Doreen was able to tell Mom about Dad early this morning. She was awake and alert and wanting to communicate. When Doreen told her, her response was to mouth "Corwin's in heaven." (She still can't talk because of the ventilator tube.)

She had surgery this morning to repair her fractured elbow, and came through with flying colors. Doreen spent the day with her while Julia and I went to Tustin to make the arrangements for Dad. (We had to pass the corner where it happened--tough!)

We brought back their CD player and some CDs of hymns, which are playing in her room now. Anyone who knows Mom will realize how much that is helping her!

Mom is totally off the sedatives now...still a lot of pain meds though. We believe that the elbow repair is the last surgery. Now the focus can, we hope, begin to be on healing.

Thanks for your prayers...keep up the good work!


Jim and Jaena said...

We are praying for you all, Marcia. I am so sorry.

Keetha said...

I'm checking your blog for updates and keeping you all in my heart.

I too am so sorry.