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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Now what?

People who know about my diagnosis (young-onset Parkinson's) have been asking how I am. I'm doing pretty well. I've started keeping a small cordless alarm clock with me so I'll remember to take my meds. Most of the time, I do pretty well--it's easier now that Mom is better. Sunday was the most "out of whack" day I'd had in a long time. I think that was the day my adrenalin ran out. I try to eat right and keep up with my rest. Mom's together enough now that she checks up on me! Otherwise I seem to get a little spacey--not good when you're the Patient Advocate!

Well, the cheese is standing alone. OK, not really alone--God is with me! (And so are all of you!) But...everyone else has headed out. It's just Mom and me. (deep breath...dive in)Emotionally, I think I'm still numb a lot of the time. At least in that one area. Most of the time, it all seems very surreal. Kind of like I'm trapped inside a very sad story I was writing, and can't get out. Please pray that I will be strong for Mom when I need to, and also that I will find times and places to "let go", so I can feel and deal with my dad's death.

It's looking now like the possibilities are good that Mom will be sent to Cadillac for rehab (half an hour from her house)! If so, that will help provide a much-needed support system for her (and me)!

God is good...all the time!

Keep praying! We love you all....

Marcia for the Whittum Clan

1 comment:

Hummel Family said...

Glad to know more about your condition. I think of you often and Pray when I do!

Thank you for all your prayers towards our family..I appreciate you...and always enjoy your comments. Maybe you can visit the babies when we venture to Marion in the Spring!!

JoEllen Hummel