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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

An Author in "Training" - Angel Count (and Sample)

I want to take a moment to say "Welcome!" to my latest Angel in "Training", L.D. Thanks for letting me know you believe in what I'm doing.

And now, without further ado, another nibble:

+ + + + +  

Once again, Eva found herself soaring. This time, however, she was so high that, other than the unrelenting blackness around her, the only visible object was a small, blue and green disk. Since the focal point of all this so far had been earth, she assumed that this was once again true, and the disk must somehow be earth. From this distance, her planet glowed like a huge jewel. Eva sighed, overwhelmed by its beauty.

Gradually, as she hovered in the darkness, her attention was drawn to an interruption, visible in the corner of her eye. She turned and squinted into the darkness, trying to interpret what was taking place. With her back turned to the glowing earth, and Eva's eyes beginning to adjust, the objects reflected back just enough light from earth that she could make out what was happening—barely.

From every direction in the blackness, debris, particles, dust was drifting purposefully toward a collecting point near where she waited. When the material reached the gathering spot, it joined with the other debris in a slow, spiraling dance. More and more dust and debris collected, adding to the growing spiral, now winding itself tighter and tighter, drawing in every last particle.

Now the spiral began to spin faster and faster, shaping itself into an orb. The orb drew tighter in on itself, continuing to pick up speed, until it spun faster than her eye could register, and appeared to be standing still. Eva kept watching and soon, she noticed the center of the orb beginning to glow. While it spun faster and faster, and glowed brighter and brighter, Eva held her breath, awaiting...what? Just as she reached the conclusion that there was nothing more to see, a rumble and a roar came from the center of the spinning mass, and without further warning, the orb burst into flame.

The sun! Eva shaded her eyes and backed away from the intense heat. She glanced over toward the earth. It had glowed before, but now it was positively radiant. On the opposite side of the earth, the furthest possible from the sun, glowed a bright white disk—the moon, reflecting back the light the sun bestowed. Eva glanced around her at the unrelenting blackness, and found it relenting; surrendering to millions of tiny, pinpoint stars. She looked once more at earth. It was slowly revolving! As the globe rotated, every area of the planet received its share of the sun's light and heat. She watched as an area rotated from light to dark, and back to light. Evening and morning...the fourth day.

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