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Saturday, June 22, 2013

An Author in "Training" - I'm Baaaaack!

Hi, folks! Sorry about being MIA for a couple days. Amtrak has very limited internet services, so I had to grab a server for a few moments as we'd pass through a station. Not much time to be profound.

Then, when I got here,  I'd had 2 nights of little to no sleep before I left home (excitement) and 2 nights of "sleeping" on the train. I don't remember falling asleep here at my friend's house on Thursday night.

Now after a couple good nights' sleep and a day of  R&R, I'm going to post a couple pictures and an excerpt, and then I'll be ready to get to work. A few things that will be informing my writing:
a lighthouse
a cemetery
a debate
natural wonders
several conversations

Uploading a few photos and an excerpt, and then back to writing.

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