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Saturday, June 29, 2013

An Author in Training - continued

Since I rarely had internet access on my quest, (remind me to get my next iPad with G-whatever-number), i'm finally back to blogging. i have some catching up to do, so tonight, I'm sending a blogging postcard from the California coast.

Leaving Santa Barbara the coast is rocky and irregular. Dotting the shoreline are a multitude of small, carved-out niche-harbors, their tiny, crescent-shaped  boulder beaches isolated from each other by jutting stone promontories and peninsulas. Here and there, an irregular, saw-toothed rock formation rises from the water, erosion's effect on ancient land strata.

The train runs along the edge of the cliff now, on one side a rock wall so near, i could reach out and touch the sandstone cliff, on the other a drop-off so near, so sheer, I can hear the surf pounding the shore–can see glassy green waves, curling and foaming toward the sand, before shattering into millions of shards of liquid sea glass.

Sprinkled along the sand are tiny humans, dwarfed by the grandeur of the sea and the shore. In pairs, groups, or solitary bliss, they swim, splash, and fish. Here and there, an occasional child or adult pauses in their activity to wave at the passing travelers. 

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