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Saturday, June 22, 2013

An Author in "Training" - Another Sample

  Wait! What was that sound? She heard something that sounded faint and far away, but at the same time bright and clear. She tried to locate its source, but it appeared to come from everywhere, and yet nowhere in particular. It seemed to have different components, some humming, buzzing, and whistling, some chime-like, others booming, swishing, or rasping. It all combined into something immense that flowed through her and made her feet want to move. What was it?

Suddenly, he was there—Shaddai, radiant and glorious, shining brighter than the morning sun. "You hear it." His words were not a question, but a statement. Eva nodded.

"I hear it, but what is it?"

"It is the music of the universe." He made a sweeping gesture with his hand that seemed to include all of creation. "The earth and everything in it, the heavens with the sun, moon, and stars, all worshiping me for who I am, and all praising me together for creating them. They rejoice with exuberance the fact that I spoke them into being."

"So everything in creation has a song of praise to you, and they all sing together?" Eva considered this for a moment. "Do I have a song, too? Can I sing with creation?" Eva shifted slightly. The song of creation still made her feet want to move.

Shaddai nodded. "Yes, your song will be added, and you will dance to the music of the universe, as well."

"Dance?" Eva was puzzled by this new word.

"Dance," Shaddai repeated. "Your feet want to move at the sound of creation's song, do they not? And your voice wants to burst forth. This is 'dance' and 'sing'! Follow their leading in the song and dance of worship."

Eva stood for a moment, still and listening. Then her feet began to move, and she ran, jumped, and stomped. Her entire body joined in, and she twirled, swayed, and flung her arms wide. Now a song bubbled up from the depths of her being, and poured from her lips, soaring high and clear, dropping to a low growl, chirping, whistling, and clicking her tongue. The song and dance built in intensity—faster and faster, higher and higher—until it reached a crescendo, and with one last, highest note, she dropped to her knees before Shaddai and pressed her forehead to the ground.

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