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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

An Author in "Training" - Training at Home (part 3)

Yesterday, I stopped by the office of my friend, Mary Alice, just as she decided to go to lunch. So she took me with her. We went to the K Bistro, in Marion, since it's someplace she enjoys and I had never been. Good choice! It was easy to see why Mary Alice likes it. The food was delicious, with a lot of thought and creativity put into the making and presentation. one example would be the "S'more-tini," a dessert of (I believe) chocolate syrup, chocolate bar pieces, graham cracker pieces, and vanilla ice cream, served in a martini glass!

But what made the meal was our waitress, Robin. She was attentive without being obtrusive. She made suggestions without being pushy. She was friendly and conversational, without making it seem like she was butting into our conversation. And I loved her hair! With cornrows on the sides and curls on the top and down the back, I almost thought of it as a hairstyle inspired by the mohawk, but with a pretty, feminine attitude the mohawk could never have.

So if you go to K Bistro, ask for Robin. With her cute hair and cheery smile, someone should inform the chefs that it they want to get the most "presentation mileage" from their creations, they should always have Robin deliver the food to the table.

Thanks, Robin! I'll be back—with or without Mary Alice (although I doubt she'd turn it down)!

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