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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Potter's Hands

 “The word which came to Jeremiah from the Lord saying, ‘Arise and go down to the potter’s house, and there I shall announce My words to you.’ Then I went down to the potter’s house, and there he was, making something on the wheel.  But the vessel that he was making of clay was spoiled in the hand of the potter; so he remade it into another vessel, as it pleased the potter to make.”  (Jeremiah 18:1-4)

Have thine own way, Lord, have thine own way.
Thou are the Potter, I am the clay.
Mold me and make me, after thy will,
While I am waiting, yielded and still. (1)

I am a potter’s wife. As I watch my potter work, I learn about how the Heavenly Potter works on me. There’s a time when the clay lies dormant and unformed, maturing to the stage where the potter can use it in his plan. Then wedging, as the potter pounds, squeezes, and kneads the clay, to work out all the impurities and tiny air pockets that create weak spots in the vessel, or cause it to explode during the firing process--when the heat is on. The potter spins the clay "out of control,” applies pressure, trims off excess, cuts the support out from under the vessel. And that all takes place before the firing, when the potter applies intense heat for an extended time.

There is also the involvement the clay has in the process. It can choose whether or not to cooperate as it is being shaped. Many times, I’ve heard my husband say, “The clay just isn’t cooperating today.” It isn’t all up to the potter.

As human clay, we have a choice. We can cooperate with the Potter, and be clay He can use. Or we can refuse to cooperate in one of two ways. We can be stiff and inflexible--resisting the Potter’s shaping touch as He works His plan for us. Stiff clay breaks off, leaving less for the potter to use.

Or we can ‘wimp out,” and collapse under the touch of the Potter. We decide we can’t handle what He has laid out for us, we choose to quit rather than endure, and we distort ourselves from the Potter’s plan just as thoroughly as if we had stiffened and broken.

There's good news here,“so he remade it into another vessel, as it pleased the potter to make.” (Jeremiah 18:4) If we’ve resisted the Potter, stiffened or caved at His touch, we don’t have to feel our usefulness is gone. God the Potter can still shape us, reclaim us, use us. There is never a point in this life when the Heavenly Potter decides He can’t use us. He is the God of the second chance. And the third, and the fourth, and.... He’s just waiting to be asked. Heal me, O LORD, and I will be healed; 
save me and I will be saved, 
for you are the one I praise. (
Jeremiah 17:14

Beautiful Lord, Wonderful Saviour
I know for sure, 

All of my days are held in Your hands,
Crafted into Your perfect plan

You gently call me into Your presence

Guiding me by Your Holy Spirit
Teach me dear Lord to live all of my life 

Through Your eyes

I'm captured by Your holy calling
Set me apart, 

I know you're drawing me to Yourself
Lead me Lord I pray

Take me, mold me, use me, fill me

I give my life to the Potter's hand
Call me, guide me, lead me, walk beside me
I give my life to the Potter's hand (2)

Have Thine Own Way, Lord - Adelaide A. Pollard
The Potter's Hand - Darlene Zschech

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