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Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday's Five Things

A Toddler's Five Favorite Words

1. No! (about everything)
2. Mine! (about the same everything)
3. Dada! (Mama went through 9 months of pregnancy and 36 hours of labor, but nooooooo, it's "Dada!")
4. Cookie? (usually when Grandpa's around, and usually right before dinner)
5. Up! (always when you're tired, your back hurts, and your hands are full and/or gunked up)


Keetha said...

Wait a minute - - - these are MY five favorite words too! (Hehehehehehehehe)

Trace'in the Grace said...

My best friend's child would say everything except Dada, much to Dada's grief, chagrin, and many attempts. He held up the plastic "Noah" doll from the ark to illustrate that his little princess would say "Noah" gleefully while refusing to acknowledge her own father's identity in her life! Quite funny.