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Saturday, September 02, 2006

I Am...

I AM: an elaborate potpourri of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual; a fusion of practical and mystical

I SAID: I would post on here at least twice a week (oops!)

I WANT: to leave a legacy when I'm gone

I WISH: I didn't have Parkinson's

I MISS: a place I've never been (C. S. Lewis' "far-off country")

I HEAR: more than most people are aware of

I WONDER: what high school would have been llike, if I'd known then what I know now

I REGRET: mistakes I've made in raising my kids

I AM NOT: some tiny, helpless "baby bird"

I DANCE: by myself, for an Audience of One

I SING: more than I did before I had kids

I CRY: when I'm sad, when I'm happy, when I'm moved, when I'm scared, when I'm angry, when I'm feeling blessed, when I'm...

I AM NOT ALWAYS: the quiet, compliant person I appear to be

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: gifts for the people I love

I WRITE: because I'm compelled to

I CONFUSE: others with the way my mind works

I NEED: a Staples "Easy Button" (for real, not the toy)

I SHOULD: develop a clearer focus of my purpose in life

I START: more slowly than some people would like

I FINISH: with lots of adrenalin

I LOVE: more deeply than I can express

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Jim and Jaena said...

This was a really cool post, Marcia. I feel like I know you better...