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Monday, September 04, 2006

Decisions, decisions....

OK, here's the deal. Last Wednesday, I tripped on our stairs at home. I almost fell down the stairs-not quite. I caught myself on my toes, which bent into a "funny" position.

Now, ever since then, my foot has felt "not right". It's funny colors and tender (sometimes painful). I know that if I have a broken toe, there's not much to do for it. I already called the Dr. and talked over the broken toe option. Since then however, because of the location of the discoloration and pain, I'm beginning to wonder if I did something to the actual foot itself! (That can mean cast and crutches!) So do I contact the Dr. again, or not?

I hate these "middle-of-the-road" medical decisions! Skinned knee—pffft! Unconsciousness—no brainer! But something like this—what if I spend all the money for x-rays, etc., and get told, "It's a bruise." Or what if I don't, and get told, "Well, if you'd come in sooner..."

Here's your chance...give me your two cents worth!

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Keetha said...

For what its worth, here's mine:

With your other complications 'considered' - - - - go have it checked out.