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Friday, September 02, 2005

Ungrateful people...

"I'm tired of giving to ungrateful people!"

This was part of my friend's response to the budding anarchy in New Orleans, as portrayed by the media. This is a person who normally "gives 'til it hurts" - cutting corners and tightening their own belt in order to help others - reacting in frustration to the anger expressed by the Katrina survivors.

Sure, we see the work that's going into the disaster relief efforts. We see the myriad Americans, and other nations, already pouring funds and supplies into the Gulf Area. But cut off from the outside world, the people of New Orleans don't see the "bigger picture". They don't see the work going on behind the scenes to get them the food and water and medical care they so desperately need. And being human they assume that since they see no action, there is no action.

My response to my friend?

"I'm sure God gets tired of it, too!"

The reply just popped out of my mouth on the spur of the moment, but ever since I heard myself speaking those words, they've been echoing in MY ears.

How often do I shake my fist and scream in frustration when God's help doesn't arrive "on time"? How often, in my human nature, do I assume that since I don't SEE God at work, that He's doing nothing on my behalf? How often do I ignore all He's done for me in the past (starting with LIFE and SALVATION) and throw my selfish little tantrum, demanding MORE--NOW!

Guess it's time to forget myself for a while and start acting a little more like God, who gives and gives and gives...to us ungrateful people.




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Mark O. Wilson said...

Good insights here.

Yes! Tim is Cathy's cousin!! This is a really cool connection.

I hope you get a chance to meet my son, Adam, while here's out east at Bethany.