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Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday's Mischief

When asked this riddle, 80% of kindergarten kids got the answer, compared to 17% of Stanford University seniors.
What is greater than God,
More evil than the devil,
The poor have it,
The rich need it,
And if you eat it, you'll die?
I really want people to guess! I'm going to moderate comments on this one, until Friday. That way, one person doesn't guess it right away and end the fun. Or, the first person doesn't have to guess "blind" while later "guessers" have the advantage of knowing some of the things it isn't.

During the week, I'll post the name of anyone who guesses correctly.

There will be a winner, and there will be a prize!

The grand prize will be an original poem written about the winner, and posted on my blog. In the event of more than one correct answer, the winner will be chosen by a random drawing. (The "draw-er" will most likely be my toddler granddaughter.)




Liz Wright said...

Ok I thought about it for like an hour.... I think I know the answer.. is it "nothing" ?

Keetha said...


Marcia said...

Keetha is smarter than 83% of Stanford University seniors.

Liz is smarter than 83% of Stanford University seniors.

Cindy said...


Marcia said...

Cindy is smarter than 83% of Stanford University seniors.

Keetha said...

You run with a VERY intelligent bunch!!!

Marcia said...

And the winner, by random drawing, is..................

Liz Wright!

Congratulations, Liz! Your personal poem will appear as all or part ot next week's Monday Mischief. Your poem will come complete with copyrights and bragging rights!

Trace'in the Grace said...

I always liked kindergarten. story time, craft time, rest time, snack time. Since I could not figure this out, I think I need a week in kindergarten.