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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Dad!

It’s been a whole year since you stepped across Heaven’s threshold. Does it seem to you like it’s been that long? Is it as if only an instant has passed, or does it feel like you’ve always been there?

Sometimes for me, it’s as if you’ve been gone a long, long time. Then there are the days when it feels as if it was only a moment ago that your pastor called, and as gently as he could, shared the news that broke my heart and forever altered my life’s landscape.

What’s Heaven like, Dad? I know you’re having a great time “hangin’ out” with Jesus. You and He always seemed like such good friends. What about all the other stuff we imagined? What’s it like not to have hay fever or need glasses? Was I right, and you finally like coconut? Or is it like you thought, and there is no coconut in Heaven?

Have you had a chance to meet any of the “big names” yet? Who did you talk to first? As much as you read the epistles, I bet you picked Paul, huh? ‘Course, you really liked the psalms, too, so maybe your first choice was David?

We’re all “pluggin’ along” here, living for Jesus and trying to make you proud. I’ve spent some time looking back at your life, seeing and hearing the life-changing difference you made for so many people in your quiet, unobtrusive way. You’ve given me a lot to think about, Dad, and set a high standard to reach for. But you always were encouraging me to “work up to my potential”!

Well, I can’t talk too long. My job here isn’t done. Mom’s doing OK. You’d be proud of her. Yeah, I know that’s nothing new--you always were! You’d be pleased, too, at how we all look out for her, and how we always say “I love you,” whenever we say “goodbye”--to her and to each other. Tell all my grandparents “Hi!” and give them my love. I don’t know yet when I’ll be arriving, but I promise I’ll be coming to see you all.

Until that day, know that I love you and I’m proud to be recognized as...

Your Daughter,



Jim and Jaena said...


I never would have guessed it has been a whole year! I'm so sorry for the loss of your dad, and I'll be praying for you today as you remember the tragic events of a year ago.

What a blessing to read your thoughts to him and to catch a glimpse of the servant of God that he was...a powerful legacy.

Mary Fran said...


What a beautiful post. I was praying for you yesterday. I remember the date because my friends son lost his life in a car accident date 4 years ago, he was 13.

I'm sure your Dad is proud of you as well. You have been quite the daughter! Not many would give up so much to take such good care of your mom.

Trace'in the Grace said...

I really love this post. Do you mind if I save it and use it to comfort a friend?