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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Here We Go Again!

I've spent some time this morning looking at my blog. It's affirming and embarrassing at the same time.

Affirming…because some of the things I wrote are pretty amazing and insightful. Made me ask, "I wrote that?!"

Embarrassing…because I have blogged so erratically, amidst repeated apologies and promises to write  more regularly and more consistently.

Today, I am going to begin trying to blog again. That's it. No apologies. No promises. And I'm going to try to link the posts on here to my other areas of presence online. I'm not going to stipulate any specific topics. I'm not going to set any word count, or maximum length of time between entries, or number of times I post per week, or month, or year.

I'm just going to post about what I want to post about, when I want to post, for as long as I want to post.

You're welcome to come along for the ride. (At first, I wrote, "…come along for the raid." Was that a Freudian slip?) And that little slip right there might just be an early warning of the strange, Dali-esque world inside my mind.

Well, I have my first return entry finished—a blog post about blogging!

Here are some links:

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See you next time!

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