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Friday, August 16, 2013

An Author it Training - For the Wounded, Sick, and Sorrowing

So much sorrow and loss, lately . . .

For the families of Tucker, Jamie, Ross, David, Mary, Peggy, Bob. And for all the others out there who are sick or injured, wounded or grieving.

For the Wounded, Sick, and Sorrowing

Papa Healer,
My friend is hurting so.
It seems hard
To face such intense pain, sickness, sorrow.
It seems harder still—
To stand by,
To feel helpless,
While someone I love so deeply
Suffers so deeply.
I want to do...
...Something like You did.
With a touch,
Burn all disease from my friend's body.
With a word,
Tear out every microbe, toxin, cancer cell.
With the force of my faith,
Cast every wound,
Every sorrow,
Every loss,
Into the Pit from whence it came.


Guide my lips to pray,
My hands to serve,
My arms to hold,
My feet to go,
My heart to love,
In ways my friend needs most.
Let me be one of the faithful ones
Who carried the paralyzed man to You.
Grant that my faith be enough for my friend's healing.

Papa Healer,
I "open the roof"
And bring my friend to You.
Open the heavens,
And bring your healing touch
To my friend.

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