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Saturday, March 01, 2008

What's the common factor?

There were several "items of note" this week:

1. Larry Norman died on Sunday.
2. I started making notes for the sequel to the play I wrote, which was successfully performed on 2/22/08.
3. I contacted an organization that has been planning to distribute a brochure, and offered a business proposal to do the writing.
4. My husband officially reached the -30 pound mark in his effort to lose a total of 60 pounds. He's half way!
5. Friday, 2/29, was Leap Day.
6. I made a marriage proposal.

Now...what do all these "news items" have in common? How about some clues?

1. Larry Norman was a Christian rock musician. Early on, in the late 60s and into the 70s, he was THE Christian rock musician. He did things in music and ministry that nobody else seemed to have the guts to do. He's credited with the beginning of the Christian contemporary/Christian rock genre. Musically and spiritually, he influenced the people who influenced the people who are the "names" in the genre, today.

2. The night of the play, after the show, my friend, Tamara, made the comment that she wanted to have a part in the sequel, as Nora's mother. I glibly told her what her name was going to be, and moved on. The next day, I found myself making notes about plot and characters. Now, with a year until a possible performance, and about 10 months before the script would need to be done, not only am I excited about writing a sequel, there seems to be a growing number of people who are eager to support it, act in it, see it performed.

3. The organization in question has been saying for several months that they were going to develop a booklet/brochure to distribute to the public. As far as I've seen, "it ain't happenin', folks"! Not to fault them—their staff have been very busy. So I contacted them and more or less said, "You haven't got this done yet. You've got a big event coming where you need it ready. Here's my fee—let me know if I'm hired."

4. He's been planning to do this for quite a while, but it just wasn't going anywhere. After the first of the year, I saw a new determination. He started working out and drink lots of water, he cut portion size and fat content, and the pounds started coming off! I'm very proud of him! Thirty pounds! That's like losing a small child, or three cats! Hmmm.... He'd like the idea of three cats being gone!

5. Yesterday was a "make-up day" for the calendar, to correct for the fact that it takes the Earth 365 days and a few hours to travel once around the sun. It only happens every four years, so people who a born or married on 2/29 only have their special day once every four years, technically.

6. Traditionally, Leap Day has been a day for women to take the initiative in a relationship, ie., propose marriage. Since my husband did it last time (28 years ago) I thought it was about time for me to take a turn! Plus, it was another way to tell him I love him, and you can't say that enough!

So..... There are the six "big events" in my week. What unifying concept do you see? Leave me a note.

To be continued....

(Clue: There are sayings about the common factor that refer to hay, iron, and a phrase in Latin.)

1 comment:

Tony Myles said...

Larry Norman always reminded me of that guy you see buying the 89 ounce Slurpee at 7-11 at 4:39am. You kind of wondered where he had been and where he was going, but you had respect for his eclectic choices.