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Monday, December 18, 2006

The saga continues....

Well, the rooms are relatively dry, the carpet and vinyl are ripped out, the ceiling tiles are down, and they're tearing out the walls! Yaaaaaay for tearing out the walls! Walls in the two rooms were very, very wet, but there was a difference of opinion about what to do about them. One camp (adjustor) said, "They'll dry." The other (Stanley Steemer) said, "Gonna have to rip them out!" The adjustor has decided to accept the Steemer assessment of the situation—the walls come out (but insurance wants pictures). Once again, yaaaaaaay!

I know some of you have been praying—thank you!

P.S. Thanks Jaena, for the idea—believe it or not, we probably wouldn't have thought to take pictures!


Keetha said...

Wow - - - - this is a huge ordeal.

So sorry you are going through it.

Keetha said...

Anna posted yesterday on her blog about the water mess being a factor in delaying your Christmas MI trip. I HOPE you still get to go. What an unpleasant time for all of you. (No - - - not the MI trip, the water stuff!!!)