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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Neuro Update

Sorry about the delay in updating about my neurology appt. I already let a lot of people know in other ways, and just didn't think to post it here. Sorry! Here's the news....


Last Monday was not the best for me. I was feeling my symptoms more that usual. However, in spite of having an "off" day, in spite of having "sleep issues" the night before, in spite of the stress and "rush-rush" of getting to Indy on time....

My Neuro said that day (my "off" day!) my symptoms showed a marked improvement over what they were like last July when she last saw me! Yaaaaay. God! Yaaaaay, Mirapex! She also suggested a new med (Azilect) that I may want to consider pairing with the Mirapex--in part for its apparent ability to slow progression.

The way i summed up the difference I'm experiencing, "I feel younger than I did in July."

Thanks, everyone for your prayers and for the other ways you help!

P.S. Tomorrow I hope to post about something exciting that happened to me recently!


Anon said...

Yeah, great news.

Keetha said...

I'm glad you got the good news.

Silly me - - - - when I first quickly read your post title, I thought it said NERO update!!!