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Friday, October 14, 2005

I just want to say....

OK, well, I'm just posting to say that right now I have nothing to say! Something has definitely shifted. I wonder if my life is getting too full of "everyday junk"? You know...run that errand, do this chore.... Necessities? Or stalling tactics?

The odd thing is, I have all these "great ideas", but seem to lack the creativity to set any of them in motion. Besides, my office chair is REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE! I guess I'm too short for "big people furniture"!

Now that I've whined and made excuses long enough, I need to go try to kick-start my creativity!

1 comment:

Christin said...

Marcia, this was exactly the kind of day I was having when I wrote the "Why Can't I Submit" post. Go writing on! Many inky thoughts for you, and good penmanship.;-)