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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Snoopy said it best--"BLEAGH!"

Every job has its "un-fun" parts, and today I'm dealing with one of those along my chosen path...the dreaded "book proposal."

The "name" I referred to in my previous post? Their rep recontacted me and suggested some resource material--written by said "name"! I'm taking that as a go-ahead to start work on my idea, hence the BOOK PROPOSAL.


In case you're unfamiliar with the term, it's basically a justification of my book's "right to life", and my right to write it. I have to explain the premise of the book, justify the need for such a book, outline the book, give some samples of the proposed content, and explain my qualifications to write the book--all in a few pages. And in this instance, have it all ready to go in a couple weeks' time when I'll (hopefully) have the ear of an editor or two for a minute or two!

To sum up:

book idea is to book proposal as:
expecting a baby is to changing a poopy diaper

I repeat--BLEAGH!

Well, I can't say I have no focus for the next two weeks! Bring on the creative fuel (chocolate and diet Coke)!


Tony Myles said...

Hey - if you want someone objective to bounce it off of, I have the time to read it. :)

Sniper said...

I have always been interested in writing. The process, the mystery, the "writer's intrigue" that comes along with the lifestyle that I am finding out is not all that glamorous. Then again, writers probably don't write to be famous or to be glamorous; they write to communicate a set of said ideas. How far off am I?

How did you stumble upon by blog?

I am adding yours to my list of blogs I read, however infrequent my visits may be in the future.

Sniper said...

Wow, yes I was a recipient of the Crim Scholarship. How are your parents? I loved eating lunch with them. They seem like they would be an amazing example to have before you.

What a small world...