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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

An Author in Training - one more postcard

In the dark of night, the clouds had settled down into the valleys, and the travelers awoke to the trees veiled in fog and mist. The rising sun kissed the peaks and the rims of the clouds, gilding them with morning light. As the morning sun burned off the fog, a glacial lake came into view, glistening and sparkling in the brightening day.

The clouds rolled and curled in great sheets over the mountaintops, making threats of precipitation which remained unfulfilled, leaving the mountaintop remnants of snow to dwindle further.

The track cut through a stand of trees, and into the shade, then suddenly plunged into a tunnel, only to emerge a few seconds later into the brilliant daylight. Then into another tunnel, then back out into the light, where the track ran along the drop-off cliff bank of the turbulent, blue-green river.

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