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Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm back!...I think....

Hi there!  After an unscheduled hiatus, I'm back!...I think....  With family home a lot more, I didn't always have time to post during the day.  And with all the summertime activities, I didn't always have energy to post at night!  But people are  back in school now, so that will hopefully free up some more writing time.  

I'll start off with a joke today, and another tomorrow, for Monday Mischief.  Ready?

There once was a major league pitcher named Mel Famey who played relief for his team. On this particular day, near the end of the game, the starting pitcher was still doing so well that Mel decided he wasn't going to be needed.  He had smuggled a 6-pack into the dugout, so he started to drink the beers, one right after another. Well, right after Mel had polished off the 6-pack, the starting pitcher threw out his shoulder. The manager called on Mel to go out and finish the game. Mel was so loaded that he could barely see straight, let alone throw straight, and walked the other team to victory. As the winning team headed to the showers they went by Mel's team's dugout and saw the pile of beer cans that Mel had left. "Look...", said one of the winning players....

"...that's the beer that made Mel Famey walk us!"

1 comment:

Deven said...

I must be having a slow day. I totally didn't get that the first SEVEN times that I read it. I left the browser window open so I could read it to Stephen so he could tell me why it was funny. The read-aloud made all the difference. Snort, snort.