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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I promised pictures, so without further ado...ladies and gentlemen, Miss Audrey Brynn!!!

Everybody loves Audrey

Girl talk with Mommy

Listening to Daddy

Audrey with her uncle


Keetha said...

Nick told me that Anna is now "Auntanna" Cute.

The baby is gorgeous.

Jim and Jaena said...

Hooray! I kept checking back, and now my checking was rewarded with photos! She is precious.

Jim and Jaena said...

I can totally relate to the "house arrest" as well as to the cabin fever that comes with it after about a week. :) If Jen needs someone to talk to (by phone, of course) have her give me a call.

As far as the clothes...I would love to have the preemie clothes back (so Madelyn can use them as doll clothes and see how small she was). The rest of the sack are theirs to keep or pass on.

And tell her not to go crazy worrying about spit up or diaper blow outs. If an outfit gets stained, it's not the end of the world. (Although I wil give her a bottle of pre-wash spray that we use and it does wonders...hers to keep in celebration of all the new stains a baby brings!)

Robin said...

She's beautiful and very loved!

Alana Crail said...

she is cute

Anonymous said...

Wow, great pics! Tell them CONGRATES for us!

Christin said...

Congratulations! I love her name, and she's so cute.