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Thursday, June 01, 2006

They're Here!

Nate & Tiff are here! We had a phone call early this morning, "We're in the driveway in our U-Haul. Please let us in." I'd half-wakened a few moments earlier, thinking I'd heard knocking, but wrote it off as a dream!

They had "travel adventures" out east somewhere--NY or PA--when their U-Haul died with a blown transmission. They had a several hour delay--first waiting for roadside assistance, then replacing the truck, then moving all their furniture to the new truck! But they're here now, unloading "even as we speak"!

Am I a happy mama? You bet! All my "little chicks" are only a local phone call away! I plan on enjoying it while I can!

1 comment:

mark o wilson said...

That must be wonderful to have them home!